Charlie Curtin

Curtin Livery/Yellow Cab Co. were once known as Union Lyceum Taxi Co. This company started in 1918 and originated as a small taxi and livery service run by Bill and Mary Curtin. Charles W. Curtin started working for the little business with his parents after graduating in 1945 from the Bulkeley School in New London, CT.

A Proven Work Ethic

Charlie worked very hard to obtain his public service endorsement and had a love for cars, customer service, dispatching and most of all people. Over time he was able to add many territories and permits to service from the Baldwin Bridge to the Rhode Island border, and Waterbury, CT as well. Over time these permits would increase to Stratford, CT where another office would then open.

Family Ties

Together with his wife Kathi and daughter Kim, Charlie would create a business that spanned the entire Southeastern New London County area and beyond. Kim Curtin now successfully runs Curtin Transportation Group.