Curtin Livery is committed and reliable and we strive to ensure that safety is our number one priority.
Our vehicles are well maintained and clean, and our team is professional and prompt.
Curtin Livery honestly cares about your child’s safety because we’re family owned and operated
with years experience in school transportation.

Daily School Bus Transportation

If you make the decision to let us handle school transportation for your child, you can get peace of mind knowing that they will be in good hands and with a company that is 100% devoted to safety.

Special Needs Student Transportation

Curtin Livery provides the highest level of support and making sure every special needs student is looked after and comfortably transported to their chosen destination. Our team is comprised of highly trained professionals to provide top quality special needs services.

Field Trips

On your next field trip, enjoy personalized transportation. Our drivers are trained to handle all navigation, allowing you to relax and enjoy the ride before reaching your destination.
You won’t need to worry about driving through busy streets. We’ll pair your group with an experienced driver who will make sure you travel to every stop without a worry.

Charter Trips

Do you have a large group of people that needs transportation? Curtin Livery can handle all of your field trip needs. Our extensive fleet gives us the capability to facilitate any trip you have planned. Next time you plan on taking your students on a class trip give Curtin Livery the opportunity to provide them with safe and reliable service.

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